Re Roofing Adelaide

Pro Roof and Gutter are the local experts in re roofing Adelaide; providing high-quality solutions at affordable prices to completely revive the look of your home. We cover all facets of re roofing—including replacements, restoration and repairs.

Our process begins with a free inspection and report, which is accompanied by photos to give you an accurate visual overview of the damages incurred. From there, we can effectively diagnose the issue and provide recommendations that fit within the scope of your budget.

Transparency lies at the forefront of our service, and we strive to provide long-term solutions to save you expenses down the track. That’s why you can rest assured we’ll always answer your questions accurately and honestly. We also understand that a house is likely to be the biggest investment you’ll ever make, so we exercise great care and precision to future-proof your home.

Re roofing Adelaide

Why Should I Think Seriously About Re Roofing Service in Adelaide?

The functionality of a roof is central to overall home maintenance; with water damage being one of the biggest risks to the structural integrity of a home. So, to future-proof your home, our services are designed to optimise the overall strength and performance of your roof to facilitate effective water management. But in addition to the improvements in performance, you also get the added benefits of:

  • Cosmetic facelift: Addressing cracks, discolouration, broken tiles and unwanted growth will significantly improve the aesthetic of your roof. And as one of the most prominent features of your home, this will give your entire home a facelift to restore street appeal.
  • Reduced utility bills: Particularly with COLORBOND®which uses advanced Thermatech® technology, functional roofing helps with temperature control within your home.

With these points in mind, re roofing Adelaide will provide a return on investment that is well worth your while.

Long Term Re Roofing Adelaide Solution

As part of our commitment to providing long-term solutions through re roofing Adelaide, we use and recommend COLORBOND®—Australia’s most trusted name in outdoor home improvements.

COLORBOND® Steel has been designed in Australia, for Australian homes. Its amazing thermal efficiency stems from UV reflecting technology, which also helps it retain aesthetic value over time. The steel is manufactured with 5 layers that prevent corrosion, chipping and cracking. With fire retardant properties, it’s also the recommended roofing material for those who live in bushfire prone areas.

The best part about COLORBOND® steel is that you don’t have to sacrifice style to get the durable outcome you’re looking for. It’s available in over 21 favourable tones for our customers to choose from, and it can be used for all your outdoor structures to create a tidy and uniform profile for your home.  We strongly recommend you consider COLORBOND® for your re roofing Adelaide!

Thinking about re roofing Adelaide? Pro Roof and Gutter have you covered with a number of stylish solutions that have been made affordable for homeowners everywhere. Contact us to book your free inspection and reports on (08) 7221 1665 today.

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