Colorbond Pergolas

Pro Roof and Gutter are your local specialists in Colorbond Pergolas and outdoor home improvement solutions. We do everything from roof repairs, restorations and replacements, through to the installation of new patios and pergolas to amplify your outdoor living space.

We strive to set ourselves apart by providing the most stunning and professional roofing and outdoor construction designs, matched by an unprecedented level of durability to withstand the impacts of Australia’s fluctuating climate. We achieve this by sticking to reputable Australian brands like BlueScope, COLORBOND® and Dulux, and employing the most dedicated and highly trained staff.

Over the years, we’ve built an outstanding reputation on the basis of exceptional customer service, quick turnaround times, attention to detail and premium product outcomes. With us, you receive free inspection reports with photos and no call out charges. We want to be the one and only company you consider for your Colorbond pergolas!

Colorbond Pergolas

Why Choose Colorbond Pergolas?

What makes Colorbond pergolas so special? Well, COLORBOND® steel is designed in Australia, for Australian homes. Its performance is tried and tested in the most extreme conditions; ensuring your home is fully armed against UV rays, corrosion, and potential damage caused by local biodiversity. It consists of 5 layers; each serving a different purpose to optimise performance and retain visual appeal. This includes the steel base, metallic coating, pre-treatment, primer and topcoat.

COLORBOND® is 100% recyclable, and its level of durability means it holds its aesthetic value if you choose to repurpose. It also features advanced Thermatech solar reflective technology, which is a system that reflects UV rays to help control the temperature of your home. Additional value is added with savings on your energy bills, and less impact on the environment. Furthermore, its properties are non-combustible—which makes it one of the safest alternatives for constructions in bushfire-prone regions.

Designing your Colorbond Pergola

When it comes to extending your outdoor living space, Colorbond pergolas can be delivered in any shape or form to suit the existing architecture of your home. There’s a colour palette of over 22 beautiful earthy tones that complement their natural surrounds while adding a touch of style to reinforce the street appeal of your home.

The diversity of COLORBOND® Steel means there is no limit to what can be achieved with the design. Whether you prefer flat or pitched, contemporary or traditional, bullnose or gable, Pro Roof and Gutter will work closely with you to customise your dream design. It’s also better for roofing in terms of spanning capabilities, as it comes in in easy-to-apply sheets that withhold their durability and aesthetic value. If you’ve been considering creating more opportunity for entertainment at your home, make sure to consider Colorbond pergolas.

As the specialists in all facets of outdoor home improvements, you can rest assured that Pro Roof and Gutter will look after you with affordable Colorbond pergolas that have a lasting impact. Call us today on (08) 7221 1665 to learn more or book your free on-site assessment and quote!

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