Every day in Australia, your roof is exposed to many elements. From rain and wind to sun and snow, your roof needs to find the strength to protect your home and investments from the natural enemies all around. Unfortunately, over time, even the best roofing falls victim to damage and wear. Sometimes, this damage appears in the shape of broken tiles and fascia boards.

On other occasions, you might find yourself suffering from problems with your roof ridge caps – the elements that hold the different angles of your roof together. At Pro Roof and Gutter, we’re experts in all things roofing. That means that we have the skill and experience to help you get the most out of your roof, regardless of whether you need ridge cap repairs or a full re-roofing project.

Whether your roof is made of iron or tile, we're here to make sure that it stands the test of time.

At Pro Roof and Gutter, we're available to manage damage from a range of different sources, including turbulent weather, natural disasters, and even standard wear and tear.

From fixing cracked tiles to replacing shingles, and even implementing waterproofing measures for preventative care, we know everything there is to know about making a roof last.

As the name suggests, the roof cap on your property is the element that covers the high point where two tiled surfaces meet. Without a roof cap, you’d have an unsightly, and damaging gap that opens your property up to moisture damage every time it rains! Ultimately, the condition of your ridge capping will determine on how waterproof your roof intersections remain.

Broken, cracked, or missing mortar can allow water to seep into the roof cavity, causing water damage, and damaged structures. Fortunately, at Pro Roof and Gutter, we can help you get ahead of the problem before it becomes too severe.